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continuous backflush screen changer Features

continuous backflush screen changer has the following features:

(1) Especially suitable for waste plastic recycling processing;

(2) With automatic cleaning filter function, can greatly reduce the frequency of network change, to avoid frequent network change;

(3) high backwash efficiency, to avoid production pause, increase energy efficiency and save production costs;

(4) No change of pressure during flow change, constant flow rate, no instantaneous flow interruption and no melt leakage.

At present, the pollution caused by the waste plastics on the environment is paid more and more attention by the people. At the same time, as the market competition becomes more and more fierce, the manufacturers use a large amount of plastic to recycle the raw materials in order to reduce the production cost. Recycling waste plastic processing is more and more important. This continuous backflush screen changer, which is particularly suitable for the recycling of waste plastics, has become one of the indispensable supporting devices for waste plastic recycling granulators, attracting people's attention.

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