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[Zhengzhou Batte] Hydraulic double column super large area screen changer, which helps chemical fiber and polymer polymerization production

chemical fiber screen changer

Zhengzhou Batte is committed to providing the best melt filter and melt conveying solution for chemical fiber, polymer polymerization, rubber and plastic equipment and product manufacturers. Relying on the successful experience of Zhengzhou Batte in continuous development and innovation in this field for many years, and the installation and use cases of nearly 10000 sets of different types of equipment, we can provide the optimal solution of melt screen change filter and melt pump products according to the customer's equipment, processing materials and product technical requirements, so as to meet the requirements for higher efficiency, better quality, lower energy consumption and minimum material loss in the production of chemical fiber, petrochemical polymerization and plastic products, Provide perfect technical guarantee for customers' success.

polymer polymerization melt filter screen changer

In view of the urgently needed production of degradable plastic polymerization, as well as the large-scale, high-precision, automated melt filtration solutions required for the recycling and reuse of various types of post consumer plastics, Zhengzhou Batte can provide the industry with hydraulic plate screen changer (special for petrochemical polymerization), high-performance hydraulic double column screen changer, hydraulic double column super large area screen changer and other products through continuous technical research and innovation.

screen changer for plastic extrusion

The single plate or double plate designed by Zhengzhou Batte can provide a maximum mesh area diameter of 400mm, which can be heated by electricity or oil, and has explosion-proof configuration, which is suitable for filtering after polymerization of various polymers; This model of product also has a cost-effective version specially designed for recycling and granulation applications. It uses electric heating and is equipped with a large high-pressure fast hydraulic replacement system, which is a melt filtration scheme with high cost performance.

Hydraulic double column super large area screen changer

The hydraulic double column screen changer has the advantages of small volume, short material retention time, online filter screen replacement, and the design of material drawing and exhaust mechanism, which can realize online filtering of various polymer melts and ensure the stability of melt temperature and pressure during screen replacement; The filter medium can be ordinary metal woven filter screen, which can be directly treated as solid waste after use, eliminating the problem of waste gas and hazardous waste products caused by incineration and chemical cleaning after use of the filter element. It is a new solution for melt filtration in the process of chemical fiber and polymer polymerization production; This series of products can provide various models with plunger diameters of 90mm to 300mm and automatic backwashing products.

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