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How often does the screen changer change the screen? When does the network change?

Many people will ask after installing the screen changer, how often do they change the network, and when do they change the network?

There are three determinants of the time interval between the screen changer and the screen:

1. What is the content of impurities in the raw materials. The more impurities, the shorter and faster the interval between screen changes;

2. The diameter of the filter screen of the screen changer is determined by the filter area. The larger the diameter of the filter, the longer the interval between screen changes, and vice versa;

3. The filter accuracy of the filter screen of the screen changer is determined by the number of filter meshes. The higher the filter accuracy of the filter, the greater the number of meshes, the shorter the time between screen changes, the coarser the filter accuracy, and the longer the time between screen changes.

Therefore, when to change the network, the following methods are mainly used:

1. When there is a pressure sensor on the general extruder production line, install the pressure sensor directly in the reserved pressure sensor hole of the screen changer, and change the screen according to the value of the pressure. Generally, change the network after the installed pressure value of the new network is increased by 6-12MPA;

2. The most common thing is that there is no pressure sensor on the extruder production line, so the workers do not know when to change the network, so the network should be changed based on experience and current. For example, if there is no abnormal phenomenon in the production of a shift, the filter screen will be replaced once in a shift, or a few hours, one day, two days, etc., according to the production situation to summarize the time interval of the screen change; or make a decision based on the value of the ammeter The value of the ammeter after the new network is changed and the value of the ammeter after a period of production determine the sum of the time for the network change;

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3. The simplest is that you can use Batte's separate pressure sensor alarm to change the screen. After connecting the Ruxing pressure sensor alarm, set the setting value of the screen change pressure according to the production situation. When the pressure in the barrel reaches the set value, the pressure sensor alarm will give an audible and visual alarm. Just change the net.

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