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What problems does PVC constant temperature screen changer solve

For the traditional PVC heat shrinkable film blowing process, the manual mesh changing operation is adopted, which is not only complex but also time-consuming, high material and energy consumption, resulting in waste of resources and high production cost.

Fully automatic operation to improve the speed of network changer

Battebelt screen changeris twice as fast as the previous model and can filter a higher percentage of pollutants. The new design works leak free at temperatures up to 650 F and forms a polymer seal for a smooth, uninterrupted screen change cycle. In additi

Enhanced filtering operation of plunger screen changer

The characteristic of plunger screen changer is the modularization of Magar. The double plunger design can be customized and adjusted according to the unique process requirements of users. The design allows the use of five different filter chamber shapes

Reasons why you can't push in when switching screen changer

There are four possible of screen changer : 1. There is a large foreign body stuck in the net board. 2. The oil pump of the hydraulic station is worn out and broken. 3. The oil seal of the propelling cylinder is broken, causing leakage and powerlessness.

The influence of screen changer on the quality of plastic recycled materials

With the rising price of plastic raw materials, extrusion enterprises have artificially increased the proportion of recycled materials in order to reduce production costs and increase profits. The proportion of recycled materials from some agricultural pl

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