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Batte screen changer promotes more mature recycling and granulation technology

The recycling and granulation of plastic products after use greatly relieves the environmental pressure caused by white pollution; at the same time, it provides materials for industrial products, which greatly reduces the production cost. The plastic recycling granulation market is one of the important markets of Zhengzhou batte. Through close cooperation with customers, it has provided a large number of cost-effective recycling granulation melt filtration solutions for domestic and foreign customers.

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PET beverage bottle is a kind of plastic that is widely used in our daily life. PET beverage bottle recycling and granulation is also one of the current recycling methods. After years of development, the PET beverage bottle recycling and granulation process is also becoming more and more mature. After the PET beverage bottle is recycled and granulated, it can be used to make short fiber, and it can also be made into filament after being thickened. This kind of fiber is widely used in our daily life. At the same time, it also avoids the difficulty of recycling PET beverage bottles, resulting in environmental pollution. A reasonable manufacturing process can make the recycling and granulation of PET beverage bottles simple and easy to achieve. For the recycling and granulation of PET beverage bottles, Zhengzhou batte can provide various screen changers of plate type and column type, and mainly recommends the double-column large-area pelletizer screen changer.

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Hydraulic double-column large-area screen changers for recycling process, on the basis of ordinary double-column screen changer, further optimizes the design of the filter screen area, changing the traditional flat screen design to the design surrounding the outer circumference of the plunger, and at the same plunger diameter Under the size of the filter, it can provide more than 4 times the effective filtering area, which has the advantages of large filtering area, small size and low energy consumption. On-line melt filtration process; currently Zhengzhou batte can provide this type of product with a single filter area of ​​300 to 10,000cm², suitable for melt filtration processes with a maximum output of 30 tons/hour; this type can also be provided according to customer process requirements Products with automatic backwash function. The hydraulic double-column large-area screen changer independently developed and manufactured by Zhengzhou batte has been sold well at home and abroad since its application, and has been well received by users. Net changer.

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Large hydraulic plate screen changer is suitable for recycling and pelletizing industry. This type of product uses hydraulic drive and can be designed as single-plate or double-plate. The maximum mesh area that can be provided is 600mm in diameter. Electric heating or oil heating can be selected, and explosion-proof configuration is available. This type of product has a cost-effective version specially designed for recycling and pelletizing applications. It uses electric heating and is equipped with a large high-pressure rapid hydraulic change system. It is a cost-effective melt filtration solution. Compared with other types of screen changers, this plate series has the advantages of shorter flow channel and simple operation, and is suitable for post-polymerization filtration of various polymers. There is a successful case of a Venezuelan customer using about 2000 kilograms of polyolefin per hour to recycle and pelletize.

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Zhengzhou Batte is committed to providing better screen changer (melt filter) and melt conveying solutions for chemical fiber, polymer polymerization and rubber and plastic equipment manufacturers for nearly 13 years, with successful experience in the rubber and plastic industry and at home and abroad With thousands of installation use cases of different types of equipment, batte can provide users in the plastic extrusion industry with more optimized melt filtration solutions. All batte screen changers can be heated by heat medium or electric according to the requirements of the working conditions.

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