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PVC pipe requires its special screen changer

Special non-stop screen changer for pipe industry and special pipes We recommend special screen changer for pipes on pipe line with large length diameter ratio, high melting pressure and high output. We own all intellectual property rights. It is equipped with a pressure stabilizing, bypass auxiliary system, automatic lubrication and sealing mechanism, and the main body of the screen changer can withstand the melting pressure up to 60Mpa. When changing the network, "relay type" automatic exhaust, bypass "early intervention system" to stabilize the voltage and current, continuous production without stopping, without any leakage. The specification is from SJ45-SJ300. It is especially suitable for the production of gas pipes, water supply pipes, drainage pipes, reinforced pipes, composite pipes and various large municipal pipelines. Special screen changer shall be used for PVC pipes.

pvc extrusion screen changer


The screen changer can not only filter out impurities, but also greatly improve the plasticizing and homogenizing effect of raw materials. The product texture is more uniform, and the surface quality and finish are better. In addition, the filter screen can be replaced without stopping the machine, which saves energy and reduces consumption, improves output and reduces labor intensity.

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