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Single column hydraulic screen changer for color changing masterbatch manufacturing line

The single column screen changer is designed as an integral cylindrical type, made of high temperature alloy steel, which has excellent performance in high temperature resistance and pressure bearing, and has double filter channels working alternately, which makes screen changing fast and easy for production and maintenance. It has high wear-resistant and high-precision screen design. Under the pressure of 30-50MPa and temperature of 300-400℃, it will not affect its performance. It is designed with lead material exhaust structure, no stopping to change the screen, no leakage of material, no interruption of production, and can ensure the product is not interrupted when changing the screen. Translated with (free version)

Single column screen changer structure features

1、Adopt rigid sealing structure, reliable sealing and no leakage.
2、Optimized material flow channel design, no dead angle and no stagnation.
3、Matching accumulator hydraulic station to realize quick net changing, no stopping, no leakage, simple and quick operation.
4, can be customized with different specifications of single-screw extruder, twin-screw extruder, reactor to do direct connection.
5、It is especially suitable for the materials with frequent color change.

Single column screen changer technical parameters

1、Working temperature: ≤350℃.
2、Working pressure: ≤50MPa.
3、Differential pressure: ≤20MPa.
4、Applicable melt viscosity: 100~40000Pa.s.
5、Heating method: electric heating/thermal medium heating.

Single column double-station screen changer is suitable for the production of high pressure products, especially for blowing film, cast film, double-line stretching, drawing, granulation and almost all thermoplastics.

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