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Single column hydraulic screen changer for color changing masterbatch manufacturing line

The single column screen changer is designed as an integral cylindrical type, made of high temperature alloy steel, which has excellent performance in high temperature resistance and pressure bearing, and has double filter channels working alternately, wh

[Zhengzhou Batte] Hydraulic double column super large area screen changer, which helps chemical fiber

Zhengzhou Batte is committed to providing the best melt filter and melt conveying solution for chemical fiber, polymer polymerization, rubber and plastic equipment and product manufacturers. Relying on the successful experience of Zhengzhou Batte in conti

PVC pipe requires its special screen changer

Special non-stop screen changer for pipe industry and special pipes We recommend special screen changer for pipes on pipe line with large length diameter ratio, high melting pressure and high output. We own all intellectual property rights. It is equipped

Rigid PVC/Polypropylene Extrusion Pelletizing Screen Changer

Pelletizing screen changer is used for chemical fiber, blown film, flat film, cast film production, pipe, sheet, wire, fiber manufacturing, pelletizing line, recycling, etc. It can meet the production of high temperature, high pressure and high extrusion

Batte screen changer promotes more mature recycling and granulation technology

The recycling and granulation of plastic products after use greatly relieves the environmental pressure caused by white pollution; at the same time, it provides materials for industrial products, which greatly reduces the production cost. The plastic recy

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