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Plastic granulator screen changer

Hydraulic continuous screen changer is mainly used for chemical fiber, blown film, flat film, cast film production, pipe, sheet, wire, fiber manufacturing, cutting lines, recycling.

Plastic continuous screen changer features

1, the series screen changer designed dual-channel dual-filter structure, change network when a network work, a network replacement, without interruption of the flow, do not interrupt the product, to achieve non-stop machine change screen.

2, the exhaust system is designed to fully exclude the material and the gas to be replaced in the porous plate, to prevent the process gas exchange network formed in the product, improve product quality.

3, dual-channel design to improve the filtration area, to meet the higher yield, higher quality production requirements.

4, a larger filter area, suitable for different materials, different products extrusion production.

5, with good sealing properties, rigid seal, long service life.

6, with charge exhaust, sewage features to ensure that the network for continuous process products.

7, according to user needs can be specially designed and processed a variety of size specifications.

8, the structure design is reasonable, easy to operate, the effect is good.

9, the same size cylinder filter can be processed into round, arc-shaped, oval, cylindrical and so on.

10, with a safety shield design.

Zhengzhou Batte is specializes in non-stop screen changers for the research and development, promotion and application of technical services; company has for many years engaged in non-stop screen changer production and application of professional and technical team. Focusing on the functional usability and quality stability of the screen changer products, the advanced screen changer technology is transformed into practical and reliable industrial products in combination with the melt characteristics in the production process.

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