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Application of Continuous Hydraulic screen changer

Application of Continuous Hydraulic screen changer

Continuous hydraulic mesh screen changer  is used for chemical fiber, blowing film, flat film, flowing film production, pipe, plate, wire, fiber manufacturing, granulation line, recovery, etc..

Characteristics of Continuous Hydraulic screen changer

1, This series of net changer is double channel double filter net structure, change a net to work, change a net.

2, the design has the feed exhaust structure, changes the net does not interrupt the material flow, achieves does not stop to change the net.

3. Suitable for all polymer extrusion production requirements.

4, the process of uninterruptible production, the extruder production will not cause significant fluctuations.

5, can withstand 25-30 Mpa melt pressure, does not affect its performance.

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