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Extruder automatic screen changer

Continuous screen changer filter is also called continuous tape type mesh exchanger, it can carry on on-line automatic filter processing of plastic, rubber, chemical fiber, melt glue and so on glue, automatic change filter net, do not stop production line, do not interrupt production, increase production, save time and energy, save labor, no waste.

In a continuous screen changer filter, the sieve band supported by a hole support net board enters the melt channel through a cooled inlet guide. The cross section product difference between the end of the sieve and the exit leads to the transversal transmission force, which causes the belt net to move to one end. In production, according to the prefilter pressure, by changing the temperature of the feed zone of the filter, the forward speed of the sieve can be changed, so that the consumption of the sieve can be reduced to a minimum without affecting the quality of the product. Such filters have low manufacturing costs. No mechanical seal, but by cooling water curing polymer seal. Continuous strainer can shift and replace the strainer automatically without manual operation. But its filter area is smaller, the maximum production capacity is higher.

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