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The required or assumed granular form (cylindrical or spherical), expected batch size and operation mode (batch production or continuous production), and the flexibility required for different formulations in materials, colors, fillers, modifiers, additives, or reinforced materials are all needed to be taken into account in the selection of the granulating system.

Besides the configuration of system components, we must integrate and connect professionally with upstream and downstream devices, such as melt pump, mesh screen changer, separator and crystallizer.

It is based on the rich experience in batch production and continuous production in the mixing industry, as well as understanding of the flexibility requirements for different formulations of materials, pigments, fillers, modifiers, additives or reinforced materials. Batte can provide an accurate and customized solution for the user, including melt pump, mesh screen changer, grain cutting, separator and crystallizer, as well as the process water treatment system combined with integrated and overload control system.

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