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automatic washing screen changer for waste plastics recycling and granulation

automatic washing screen changer for waste plastics recycling and granulation

At present, the pollution caused by waste plastics has been paid more and more attention. At the same time, with the increasingly fierce competition in the market, the manufacturers use plastic recycled recycled materials to reduce the production cost. The recycling of waste plastics is becoming more and more important. The automatic washing screen changer, which is especially suitable for the processing of waste plastic recycling plastic granulator, has become one of the necessary supporting devices for the waste plastic recycling plastic granulator, which has attracted much attention. Next we will introduce the characteristics of automatic washing screen changer.

When the plastic granulator is working, the plastic melt flows into the mesh changer body through the backwashing body, and the impurities are filtered by the metal filter screen. The impurities on the filter gradually accumulate and melt pressure increases. When the melt pressure of the plastic granulator is up to the set value, the backwash plunger moves down under the push of the hydraulic cylinder, a small portion of the melt is reversed and the impurities that accumulate on the filter screen are brought out. When the time of the melt reflux is up to the predetermined time, the backwash plunger begins to move upwards under the action of the hydraulic cylinder, a small part. Melt back flow, the accumulation of impurities in the filter belt, back to achieve a predetermined time after the backwash plunger restored to original position. In this way, the plastic pelletizer realizes an automatic cleaning process and realizes the purpose of cleaning the filter screen. The filter screen of the plastic granulator can be recycled, greatly prolonging the interval time of changing the automatic washing screen changer, and can be continuously produced for a long time.

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