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PP, PET packing belt special screen changer

Packing belt in the packaging industry is very large, Guangdong market has nearly thousands of production lines, basically full use of waste production, more frequent impurities in the net, and all are manual shutdown network, produced a large number of material, waste, easy to form a vicious cycle. The strength of waste is low, and energy is recycled and wasted, and the quality of the products produced will be reduced. According to the market demand, Zhengzhou batte has developed PP, PET packing belt special screen changer, which is a new multi position structure with a preheating exhaust mechanism, without any pressure fluctuation when changing the net. It ensures the continuous and dimensional stability of the production of the packing products, and realizes no stopping, continuous strip, no leakage and no influence. Production and belt size, increase production, save energy, reduce consumption and reduce costs.

Bart's goal is to improve the customer's use value and to provide better quality of service through continuous efforts to obtain customer recognition and more orders. Zhengzhou Batte provides special screen changer, including: KT board, EPE pearl cotton screen changer, PET, PVB products special screen changer, granulating special screen changer, and so on.

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