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hydraulic automatic mesh screen changer

Single board, double plate, mesh changer, hydraulic exchange net quickly, convenient for production and maintenance.

The built in sealing device has better sealing performance and can meet the requirement of high polymer extrusion for any polymer. It can be used in conjunction with different standard extruders.

The filter area is chosen between 250mm- and 350mm.

High abrasion resistance, high pressure resistance and high precision filter screen design, improve effective area and filter quality.

The pressure is 25 - 30Mpa and the temperature is about 300 degrees Celsius.

Almost all polymers can use the screen changer, such as: PC, PMMA, PET, PS, PU, PP, PE, EVA, ABS and so on.

The automatic hydraulic screen changer is designed to switch back and forth or replace the net post by the complex hydraulic station.

The hydraulic automatic mesh screen changer has the advantages of compact volume, good backpressure sealing and fast changing speed.

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