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EPS, EPE pearl cotton special non-stop screen changer

The technology of the plastic products is a special kind of high foaming class. It takes a period of time from starting to normal production. It is also a process of cooling. The waste products are wasted and waste is not recovered well in the middle. The traditional mesh screen changer can not guarantee the continuity of production when changing the mesh. Every time the mesh changer has this process, which has a great impact on the output. EPS, EPE pearl cotton special screen changer for the characteristics of low temperature net exchange has a good solution, sealing performance is very good, sealing pressure and the head of the welding pressure is directly proportional to never leak material. In the way of fast changing the net, EPS can shorten the changing time as far as possible to avoid the impact on the production.

The special screen changer has a long sealing life, and the seal gap and sealing force will not decrease because of wear. The structure of EPE pearl cotton special exchanger is more novel. Because of the design of "by-pass stabilizing" system, it can be realized without stopping, reducing pressure and continuously, avoiding all kinds of loss caused by changing the net.

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