batte melt pump

Hydraulic station for mesh screen changer

Pump device: equipped with motor and oil pump, is the power source of hydraulic station, mechanical energy into hydraulic oil pressure energy. ·

Manifold block: assembled by hydraulic valve and channel body. The direction, pressure and flow rate of the hydraulic oil are regulated. ·

Valve assembly: the plate valve is installed on the vertical plate, and the rear plate pipe is connected with the function of the integrated block.

Oil tank: Plate welded semi-closed container, also equipped with oil filter, air filter, etc., used to store oil, oil cooling and filtering.

Accumulator: a device for storing energy.

The working principle of the hydraulic station: the motor drives the pump to rotate, the pump sucks oil from the tank to supply oil, converts the mechanical energy into the pressure energy of the hydraulic station, and the hydraulic oil realizes the direction, pressure and flow regulation through the manifold (or valve combination) and then passes through the external pipeline to the hydraulic cylinder or motor of the hydraulic machinery to control the direction of the hydraulic motor. The transformation, the magnitude and speed of force, and promote the work of all kinds of hydraulic machinery.

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