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High performance screen changer advantage

In order to overcome the shortcomings of fast mesh changer, such as stopping to change mesh, small area of non-stopping mesh changer and difficult cleaning of filter element of valve switching mesh changer, Bart mesh changer manufacturer has developed high-performance mesh changer. The characteristics of different types of high-performance mesh changer are as follows.

Continuous mesh belt type screen changer

In the mesh changer, a mesh belt supported by a mesh plate with holes enters the melt flow channel through a cooled inlet guide. The cross-sectional area difference between the mesh inlet and outlet causes the mesh to produce transverse transmission force, and causes the mesh to move to one end. In production, according to the pre-pressure of the screen, the advance speed of the screen in the feed cycle can be changed by changing the temperature of the feed zone of the screen, so that the consumption of the screen can be minimized without affecting the product quality. The screen changer can automatically shift and replace the filter screen without manual operation. But its filtration area is small and its maximum production capacity is low.

Rotary disc type screen changer

The structure of rotary disc type mesh changer is that one side of the disc with a central shaft is put into the melt pipe, and the lattice is divided into two sections. Each lattice is provided with a filter net. The edge of the disc has teeth. The hydraulic ratchet or electric gear is used to drive the disc to rotate to achieve the mesh changer. The utility model has the advantages of convenient screen replacement, non-stop operation, and avoids pressure fluctuation caused by the reduction of filter area when the screen replacement of the slide plate and the plunger type screen replacement device is changed.

Loop filter block type screen changer

Circulating filter mesh changer is a combination of mesh belt type and rotary disk type, which can change mesh without stopping in production, avoiding leakage and mistake.

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