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Solution for viscous sealing of double plate type mesh screen changer

After putting into use, the viscous seal of the double plunger type mesh screen changer is not effective in actual use, and the leakage of material between the end clearance of the plunger and the mesh changer and the 10-segment cylinder is still a leakage. Zhengzhou Hai Ke has given the following solutions to this problem.

Solutions: 1. The increase of cooling water pipeline with end seal has a great influence on the net changing space. It is not convenient to operate, and the cooling effect of cooling water is not obvious. That is to say, the decrease of fluidity of ABS melt resin at ambient temperature can also play a sealing effect. Therefore, during operation, no cooling water was used to remove the cooling water metal hose.

2. There is no better solution to the connection between the two column screen changer and the ten segment cylinder. This part bears the dual effects of temperature rise and pressure. After the modification of the material and structure of the new double plunger type mesh changer, the shape size and total mass of the new type mesh screen changer are much larger than that of the original mesh changer. With the same temperature rise and pressure, the displacement of the connecting part between the mesh screen changer and the 10-segment cylinder body will be caused by the same temperature rise and pressure when the other extruder parts are unchanged. Quantity change, that is, the matching clearance of this part can not be accurately adjusted, resulting in different degrees of leakage in the extrusion production line.

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