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Characteristics of Batte's New Piston Screen Change Filter

Batte's first-class domestic network changer manufacturer provides special network screen changer equipment, including geomembrane and grille special network screen changer, granulation special network changer, packaging belt special non-stop network screen changer, etc., fully meet the production needs of different fields. Bart developed a new type of plunger switcher (also known as switching filter) featuring the following features:

1. No mechanical seal structure to ensure no seepage under high pressure and high temperature. Effectively reduce the resistance of changing mesh and the working pressure of hydraulic system.

2. The plunger type net changer adopts an integral structure with no load-bearing gap, which strengthens the load-bearing pressure and makes the load-bearing pressure of the system higher.

3. It uses high-quality alloy steel after nitriding treatment, which greatly prolongs the service life of the product.

4. Integral engineering cylinder with longer service life.

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