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Common Failure Causes of Circulating Block Filter

Circulating filter block is the most widely used screen changer equipment in the market at present. It has the advantages of easy operation, high pressure resistance and no need to stop and change the screen. Circulating filter block has been widely used in plastic wire drawing, blown film, granulation and other production, and is one of the most advanced filters in melt filter equipment. For its common failures and specific solutions, the afternoon will be elaborated in detail.

When there are many leaks in the circulating filter, there are three reasons for the failure: first, the loosening of the fastening bolt; second, the pressure of changing the net is too high; third, the wear gap between the slideway and the filter block increases. The solutions are: to lock the loosened bolts; to lower the pressure of changing the net; to reprocess or replace the slideway. When the filter block of the circulating filter block type screen changer can not move, there are two reasons for this failure: one is that the fastening bolt lock is too tight; the other is that the filter block is not placed correctly or has not entered the sliding chute. The method adopted is to loosen the bolt slightly and reset the filter block. When the oil pump fails to oil during the operation of the filter block type screen changer, there are three reasons for this situation: first, the motor reverses; second, the oil level is too low and the oil is too thick; third, the upper oil pipe is not tightly sealed and leaks. The measures adopted are to adjust the motor, replace or refuel the oil in the oil pump, and re-seal the upper oil pipe.

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