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Structure of screen changer for recycling processes

In the process of casting or calendering extrusion, a screen changer for recycling process is usually installed at the screw end of the extrusion screw of the extruder in order to filter impurities in the extrusion material.

New type of screen changer for recycling processes for extrusion machine provided by Bart net changer manufacturer includes guide rail which is set horizontally or vertically at the end of extrusion screw of extruder, three filter plates which are slidably embedded in guide rail and have multiple filter holes, and an oil cylinder which drives the filter plate to slide; three filter plates arranged in a zigzag shape on the track and the filter plates in the middle are aligned and plugged with the extrusion screw barrel. Cross section; all the filter holes are evenly distributed on the three plates, and the direction of cylinder motion is collinear with the sliding trajectory of the filter plate.

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