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Measures to Improve Automatic Screen Changer of Plastic Extruder

  In the process of polymer extrusion, after a long time of plasticization and heating, the melt will produce residue, together with impurities in raw materials and unplasticized particles. Once entering the extrusion die, it will cause runner blockage or product defects, and even can not be produced normally. In order to eliminate these granular impurities, the pure melt will enter the extrusion die smoothly and obtain. As a result, the filter screen changer is placed between the screw head of the extruder and the die. With the extension of extrusion time, more and more dirt will accumulate on the filter screen. At this time, the melt pressure will increase and the melt flow rate will decrease. When the melt pressure exceeds a certain level, the filter screen will be broken or blocked and become invalid, and the mesh will be replaced.

  1. When switching the net, the slide board moves first when using the double-channel slide board assembly (the original single channel), when the material passes through the slide board 2, because the hydraulic cylinder moves in less than one second at a time, the die pressure will not fluctuate, and there will be no bar falling phenomenon to ensure the normal operation of production. After the action of the sliding board is finished, the sliding board is moved by 2, so that a channel Yang Tong is always maintained, thus realizing continuous network change without stopping.

  2. Processing the circulating water passage at the edge of the sealing surface of the slide board, and entering the cooling water during normal production. The material is cooled and solidified at the edge, thus playing a sealing role and fundamentally eliminating leakage.

  After automatic network screen changer, the frequency of frequent start-up and shutdown of equipment is reduced, the frequency of frequent failure of granulation equipment is reduced, and the service life of components is greatly prolonged. It solves the problem of leakage of materials with poor sealing of the net changer, and solves the problem of stopping due to the sticking of materials which were extruded from instruments and electrical components, which caused the faults of instruments and electrical components. It saves energy, reduces waste, reduces the cost of products, improves the filtering effect of filters, reduces the production of transition materials, thus improves the rate of high-grade products, creates high economic benefits for enterprises, and saves a lot of labor.

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