Recycling Equipment for Preprocessing - Screen Changers

This applies to all application cases in plastics recycling is bellow. Large active overall screen surface enables the processing of both high levels ofrecycling Equipment for Preprocessing.50% of the filter areas remain active during screen changesbecause material continues to pass.The PSG series hydraulic screen changer is an important accessory for the PSM series twin screw extruder.

Screen Changers help in filteration of plastic melt during extrusion. Recycling Equipment for Preprocessing help change the melt filteration screen without interruption of production. Source continuous screen changers including cassette continuous screen changer, double plunger changers and self cleaning variety. Contact manufacturers of lever type screen changers, manual screen changers and platen type screen changer and other polymer melt fileteration equipment manufacturers
screen changer for recycling processesscreen changer for recycling

Without efficient filtering it is not possible to obtain high quality recyclate. This applies to all application cases in plastics recycling. That is why from the very beginning, EREMA has made this quality-decisive aspect a core element of its systems.

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