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cast film extrusion die

casting fimcast film extrusion die

Continuous stream surface is available at the die lip. Come with push-pull slightly-spaced adjusting screws reacting to resin pressure and metal movement to bend the flexible die lip and vary the die gap.

All surfaces are chromo-plated. Use 12.9 high-strength bolts as fasteners. Come with premium and durable stainless steel cartridge heaters subject to zoning control.

Consistent in production, simple in structure and easy to disassemble and clean.

For production of casting films of thickness between 0.02mm-0.4mm, including stationery films, sanitation films, binding films, cling films, etc.

cast film extrusion die Description

Raw material


Mould width


Thickness range


Die body material

P20/5CrNiMo/2738 imported from GERMANY

Thickness adjustment

Upper lip micro adjustable, down lip can be adjustable and replaceable

Flow channel

Coating hanger flow channel with computer designed

Heating Voltage


Heating unit

stainless steel heating bar

Cable connection

Close connecting with protection cover

Fastening part

12.9 high strength screws


Lips and surface of flowing: 0.02-0.03(μm),

Other surfaces 0.03-0.04(μm).


Die head stream surface hard chrome plating thickness 0.05-0.04(mm)    Hardness 60-65 HRC

Outside surface hard plating thickness0.02-0.03(mm)


Round center feeding


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