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Recycled Plastic Screen Changer

The recycled plastic screen changer also be called melt filter screen changer.It is four-screen recycling screen changer,which ensures the screen changing without machine halt or production interrupt.

Recycled Plastic Screen Changer
Recycled Plastic Screen Changer Characteristics:
1.The exhaust air system is able to fully discharge the air inside the material or perforated plate which are to be replaced.It can avoid air forming in the product during screen changing,thus improve the product quality.
2.Four channel design greatly increase filtering area,and meet the higher quality or quality production demand.
3.It is suitable for chemical fiber,blown film,flat film,cast film,pipe,plate,wire,fiber,granulatign,recycling pelletizing,ect.
Recycled Plastic Screen Changer Features:
The hydraulic screen changer extruder for melt filtration extrusion applications that require a stable and uninterrupted process.The screen changers for recycling processes can increase amounts of regrinds and recycled materials are finding their way into sheet applications. 

Recycled Plastic Screen Changer Details:

Packaging Details:
Items are packed in wooden cases.
Delivery Detail:
5-6 Weeks

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