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What problems does PVC constant temperature screen changer solve

  For the traditional PVC heat shrinkable film blowing process, the manual mesh changing operation is adopted, which is not only complex but also time-consuming, high material and energy consumption, resulting in waste of resources and high production cost. Of course, with the upgrading of technology, there are also mesh changers. As PVC will decompose when heated, hydrogen chloride will be produced, which will cause corrosion to the mesh changers. The decomposition products of PVC will further promote the decomposition of PVC materials, and the high decomposition products will seriously affect the quality of products due to the color change. There should be no dead angle for PVC processing flow channel to avoid long-term stagnation of PVC materials in the flow channel Stay. PVC melt pressure is high, melt fluidity is poor, and it is not resistant to high temperature, so it is necessary to keep the consistency of temperature before and after the screen changer as much as possible, and have higher pressure resistance requirements for the screen change device.

  Aiming at this situation, Zhengzhou Batte screen changer manufacturer has developed PVC constant temperature screen changer, which solves the above problems well. PVC constant temperature screen changer structure, it is in the hydraulic sliding screen changer based on the increase of temperature control system, to ensure that the temperature of the network to be replaced is the same as the network to be replaced.

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