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Any kind of plastic product has a screen changer suitable for it

We have a screen changer suitable for any kind of plastic products. Each type of plastic product has different production processes and raw materials, and has different requirements for the screen changer. Therefore, we implement one-to-one targeted research and design, and develop a variety of special screen changers, such as: XPS extruded board non-stop screen changer; film blowing special non-stop screen changer; pipe industry dedicated non-stop screen changer Screen changer; special non-stop screen changer for wire drawing machine; special non-stop screen changer for PET, PMMA, PC; special non-stop screen changer for PVC products, etc.

hydraulic screen changer

The screen changer is also called the non-stop screen changer. The main function of the screen changer is to filter the impurities in the melt through the filter on the filtering station. When the impurities accumulate to a certain extent, you do not need to stop the main body of the extruder or The network can be changed directly when the speed is reduced to achieve the purpose of improving production efficiency, saving energy and reducing consumption.

Technology makes the future imaginable. For many years, we have been relying on the power of technology to develop special screen changers. After nearly two decades of development, our screen changer products and services have become more technological, professional, and personalized. Also more humane. With good technology, good quality and good service, we welcome friends at home and abroad to come to investigate and cooperate!

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