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In the process of plastic extrusion production, the plastic melt will produce some decomposition materials after a long time of plasticization, while the raw material itself also contains some impurities. The presence of these impurities not only affects product quality, but also affects the continuity and stability of production. The plastic extrusion screen changer is usually set between the screw head and the extruder head to filter out impurities and foreign matter from the plastic melt to obtain a pure melt. The automatic backwashing screen changer has the characteristics of continuous production and convenient screen changing, and is a more ideal supporting device for extrusion pelletizing machine. It is suitable for the occasions with high requirements on raw material quality.

backflush screen changer

Automatic backflush screen changer consists of backwashing body, backwashing plunger, porous plate, filter screen, heater and program control device. Features of the automatic backwashing screen changer.

1、The series of screen changer is designed with four channels and four screens structure, four screens work at the same time without interrupting the material flow, without interrupting the product, to realize the screen change without stopping

2、Designed with exhaust system, which can fully exclude the gas entrapped in the material and the porous plate to be changed, prevent the formation of gas in the product during the screen changing process, and improve the quality of the product.

3、Designed backwashing function, to achieve online backwashing screen, the screen can be repeatedly used more than 200 times.

4、The four-flow channel design increases the filtration area to meet the production requirements of higher output and higher quality.

5、Larger filtration area, suitable for different materials, different products extrusion production.

extrusion backflush screen changer


Continuous backwashing hydraulic screen changer to meet the highest quality standards for polymer melt filtration, suitable for almost all extruded materials, blending, recycling, granulation, polymerization, sheet, tube, chemical fiber, blown film, flat film, cast film, sheet, wire, fiber manufacturing, pelletizing, recycling granulation, etc.


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