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Continuous screen changer for recycling processes

Continuous screen changer for recycling processes is a compact, self-contained screenchanger that eliminates the need for hydraulics, screen packs, and breaker plate cleaning or replacement.In plastics extrusion, having the right screen changers for your material’s filtration requirements can make the difference between profit and loss. 
Continuous screen changer for recycling processes
Screen changer for recycling processes is that polymer enters the screen changer the melt stream is divided equally and distributed through two rheologically optimized breaker plates. This method of filtration provides increased screen area as compared to single breaker plate screen changer designs and maintains a streamlined polymer flow path. Polymer merges back to a single melt stream as it exits the screen changer.
The Continuous Screen Changer For Recycling Process ia a continuous working screen changer,Which allows for filtration of most all polymers without interrupting production during a screen change process.No process interruption translates into increased production and decreased scrap, bringing maximum efficiency to your extrusion operation.

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