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Fully Automatic Screen Changer
Fully automatic screen changer  work with the extrusion machine when a screen change is required, the cavity with dirty screen will be moved out by hydraulic in a minimum time, and at the same time, the other cavity with new screen will be moved into the working position.
Fully Automatic Screen Changer

Fully Automatic Screen Changer Characteristics:
1.Corrosion resistance is higher the the ordinary type.
2. pressure resistant up tp 50Mpa, under the high pressure of the screen changer for recycling processes still work a good job, now.
is widely used for the blown film machine, do not have impact the product.
3.Initiator of new screen changer in China.
Fully Automatic Screen Changer Applications:
wire and cable
textiles(fibers and nonwovens)

Batte is a screen changers manufacturer in China,We manufacture Automatic belt mesh screen changer,Single pillar hydraulic screen changer,Double column large capacity screen changer and automatic screen changer with belt filter.

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