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It's realy useful in your producing,that screen changer for

It's realy useful in your producing, that screen changer for recycling processes.
The screen changers from Batte are based on a proven double-piston design that operates without additional seals and is equipped with four screen cavities. These screen changers are used most commonly in continuous processes involving highly.
Batte screen changers use simple operation and uncomplicated control Highoperational reliability Short material residence time Leak-free mode of operation Low pressure consumption Flow channel geometry without any dead spots.
This makes the largest possible filter area available, facilitating the effective removal of contamination. What's more, the screen's back spill plates are designed so that 95 percent of the screen surface is in use.
It's realy useful in your producing, that screen changer for recycling processes
1. Applicable to all the kinds of plastic products. Specially in the recycling and granulation combined with high impurities, such as PE/PP/PS/ABS/PET/PA/etc.
2. Applicable to the production line of chemical fiber, rubber, collosol, adhesive, coating and finishing materials and other blending agent products, used for filtration of the material mixture.
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