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Screen changer should be used in polymer extrusion system

In the process of polymer extrusion, the polymer melt will produce residue and some impurities in the raw material due to long time plasticization and heating, which will cause blockage of the runner and defects of the quality of the production when it en

Structure of screen changer for recycling processes

In the process of casting or calendering extrusion, a screen changer for recycling process is usually installed at the screw end of the extrusion screw of the extruder in order to filter impurities in the extrusion material. New type of screen changer for

fully automatic backwash screen changer

The fully automatic backwash screen changer is composed of backwash body, backwash plunger, porous plate, filter screen, heater and program control device. The plastic melt flows through the filter screen on the plunger, and impurities accumulate graduall

Introduction of New Type Continuous screen changer

Some rigid PVC processors do not use filters because PVC is easy to differentiate, especially when touched with steel or copper at high temperatures (differentiation temperature 200 degrees). Filtration screen will increase the temperature of polyvinyl ch

Common Failure Causes of Circulating Block Filter

Circulating filter block is the most widely used screen changer equipment in the market at present. It has the advantages of easy operation, high pressure resistance and no need to stop and change the screen. Circulating filter block has been widely used

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