The working principle of screen changers for recycling process

Screen changers for recycling process, the plastic melt through a long period of plasticization will produce some decomposition products, while the raw material itself also contains some impurities. The presence of these impurities not only affects the quality of the product, but also affects the continuity and stability of the production. The screen changer is provided between the screw head and the extruder head to filter out impurities and foreign matter in the plastic melt to obtain a pure melt.

With the rise in the price of plastic raw materials, extrusion production enterprises to reduce production costs and increase profits, man-made increase in the use of recycled raw materials ratio. Some agricultural plastic products recycling recycled materials to achieve the proportion of 80% to 90%. Screen changer is one of the important factors that affect the quality of plastic renewable materials. Recycling of recycled materials greatly promote the use of large-scale development of the machine, to the application of the network to bring a broad market, and put forward a new request for the network.

Screen changers for recycling process working principle: plastic melt through the backwashing body into the screen changer body, impurities are filtered by metal filter. The impurities on the filter gradually accumulate, the melt pressure increases. When the net melt pressure reaches the set value, the backwashing plunger moves downwards with the pushing of the hydraulic cylinder, switching to the state of Figure 1 (b), a small part of the melt backwards, and the impurity zone When the melt back to the time to reach a preset time, the backwashing plunger in the hydraulic cylinder began to move up, a small part of the melt back, will accumulate in the filter impurities out, back to the pre-set After the time back rinse the plunger back in place. This will achieve a process of automatic cleaning filter to achieve the purpose of cleaning the filter. Filter can be recycled, greatly extending the network for the time interval, can be a continuous production for a long time to screen changers for recycling process.

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