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What is fast plate screen changer made of

What is fast plate screen changer made of? This is What to introduce  today. Fast plate screen changer is a screen changer that used in high transparency, high viscosity, easy cracking and high molecular weight plastics industry. The screen changers can effectively improve product quality. Now do you understand What is fast plate screen changer made of?
What is fast plate screen changer made of
Batte fast plate screen changer is made of one structure, mainly consist by the changer body, skateboards, hot cylinder, network block heater and other components. Screen changer sealing components using special alloy steel, quenched and tempered, nitriding, grinding and other special processing procedures, the production of pressure 55mpa pressure deformation can not guarantee no leakage of material, designed to automatically compensate for seal structure, with hydraulic accumulator for fast, non-stop production line can be achieved for network, no material leakage, high pressure, high temperature, for network, easy to operate, for network less waste, mainly used in pipes, blow molding, casting, granulation, plate, sheet, and other fields.
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