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Screen Changers Manufacturer In China

I see a lot of foreign companies looking for  screen changers manufacturer in China and screen changers manufacturer india, as the most populous country China you can not even forget, we have more labor, advanced production technology and perfect after-sales service, I believe we will be your better choice.
Screen Changers Manufacturer In China
Screen Changers For Recycling Processes Features:
1.Leak-free process
2.Minimum pressure drop
3.Equipped with four screen cavities
4.Improved products quality
5.Reduced waste materials
6.Reduced downtime & scrap
7.Largest possible filter area available, facilitating the effective removal of contamination. 

Batte Machinery Zhengzhou Co.,Ltd. is a professional 
screen changers manufacture in China,Besides,Batte also manufacture Melt pumps,Loss-in-weight Feeder,Screen changer. The main products are Melt pump,Loss-in-weight Feeder,Recycled plastic screen changer and gear pumps ,metering pumps,Batte has accumulated abundant experience on the application technique of melt pumps since we manufacture gear pumps professionally. 
Batte screen changers used for special polymers or new process requirements. As a screen changer for recycling processes manufacturers.No matter how your automatic screen changers for extruder works, Batte offers you the solution for your specific customer application and components in your extrusion line

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