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Hydraulic Screen Changers For Extruder Machine

Hydraulic screen changers for extruder machine can be connected to your extruder, taking up a minimum amount of your valuable floor space.Screen changers for extruder can move linearly in both directions to change screens for extrusion machine.

Hydraulic Screen Changers For Extruder Machine
Hydraulic Screen Changers For Extruder Features:
1.Consists of main body, sliding plate, heaters unit and hydraulic unit with accumulator
2.The hydraulic continuous screen changer can meet any polymer materials, high temperature, high pressure, high extrusion production. 
3.The high wear-resisting, the high pressure, the high precision seal structure design, improves the effective filtration area and the filtering effect.
4.Can be used with different standards extruder, the product is not interrupted, do not leak.
Hydraulic Screen Changers For Extruder Application:
Batte extrusion screen changers can be used for pelletizing, pipe, sheet, plates, casting film and sheet, plate, pipe, coating, film, wire, cable, profiles, granulation, foaming etc. for all the heat plasticity melt.

Technical specifications:

Type  Screen D&A Overall dimension (mm) Heating power
Ф(mm) cm2 L W H L1
ZB-SSP-80 Ф80 50*2 200 170 340 820 2.4/3.2 110-300
ZB-SSP-100 Ф100 78*2 220 185 280 930 3.5/4.7 180-500
ZB-SSP-120 Ф120 113*2 260 205 320 1010 5.0/7.2 350-800
ZB-SSP-150 Ф150 176*2 300 235 360 1140 8.2/11.1 450-1200
ZB-SSP-180 Ф180 254*2 320 245 360 1200 9.412.7 500-1500
ZB-SSP-200 Ф200 314*2 360 280 420 1300 10.2/13.8 800-2500
ZB-SSP-250 Ф250 490*2 450 300 430 1520 13/17.5 1400-3700
Note: The capacity depends on the material liquid, filter fineness and material purity.  The specifications are subject 

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