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Double Plate Screen Changer

Double plate screen changer is a kind of two screen cavities screen changers,which applicable to the production of various thermoplastic, This hydraulic screen changers are mainly used for filtration of the material mixture.
Double Plate Screen Changer
Double plate screen changer Specifications:
1.Rich Experience,
2.Strict Quality Inspections
3.Leak-free operation
4.Screen changing is less than 2 seconds
5.No air bubbles in production
6.Short residence time for material
7high-pressure resistant, high-temperature resistant, and no material leakage. Contain screens of large filtering area, especially appropriate for high yield production line under high pressure.
Double plate screen changer Product:
1.  Double column double working position screen changer: Equipped with two working screens, it realized very quick screen changing, enhancing producing efficiency and maintenance
2.  Extrusion screen changer for recycling processes is within 2 seconds.
3.  The screen is designed with elliptical bore which doubles the filtering quantity, and ensuring high output.

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