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Pipe industry dedicated screen changer
Pipe industry dedicated screen changer are mainly used to filter impurities in the material, so that a higher purity product, the pipe industry dedicated changer is what screen changer ?
Pipe industry dedicated screen changer
 How can we make changers to maximize the role.
Pipe industry dedicated changer such as, double column double working position screen changer equipment consists changer body, skateboards, high temperature fuel tanks, heater and other components. Continuous working screen changer sealing components using special alloy steel. Special processing by quenching and tempering, nitriding, grinding and other procedures. The use of special channel design, straight-through design, no dead ends. Specially designed for peroxide crosslinking pipe selection, ordinary changers upgrade products, screen changer with double sealing structure, high pressure, high temperature, and the development of design small pocketchanger, suitable for multi-layer co-extrusion equipment. Mainly used in cross-linked pipes.These are described in detail for everyone dedicated changer pipe industry, due to the different materials used in each industry, so choose the changer is different, according to the specific circumstances. 
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