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Manual Screen Changer For Extrusion

Manual screen changer for extrusion have a simple swing of the handle lever during routine shutdown, manual screen changers have clean screens are quickly brought on-line. 
Manual Screen Changer For Extrusion

Manual Screen Changer For Extrusion Features:
Pressure activated seal
Extruder screw pull through
Bolt-through extruder connection
3 position handle
690 bar (10000 psi) maximum head pressure
207 bar (3000 psi) maximum differential pressure
Multiple configuration alternatives available
Nordson provides full time, total support
Manual Screen Changer For Extrusion Anvantages:
The manual screen changer is simple and reliable, the manual Screen Changer for extrusion offer the opportunity to improve performance, at minimal cost especially on 90 mm extruder or less than 90 mm extruder plant.

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