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Double Piston Screen Changer

Double piston screen changer realizes a non-stopping screen changing operation by altering two pistons with double filtering areas. Batte double column double working position screen changer  can match with extruders of different design.

Double Piston Screen Changer
Double Piston Screen Changer Features:
1.Applicable to screen changer for recycling processes with most polymers at high output.
2.Superior sealing system completely eliminates polymer leakage.
3.Eliminates line shutdown thus increasing production
4.Reduced downtime & scrap
Double Piston Screen Changer Applications:
Blown film and cast film (Bubble pack、 Medical、Food Wrap)
Sheet (Foam、Strapping、Plastic cardboard)
Coating (Hot melt adhesive)
Tubing (Medical、 Industrial)
Fibers ( Monofilament)
Blow molding
Recycling of most polymers
Packaging Details:
wooden box

Delivery Detail:
in 20-40 days


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