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Plate Or Column Quick Screen ​​Changer

Plate column quick screen ​​changer main parts made of superhard materials from refined, high-strength, low thermal deformation, wear resistance, long life.
    Batte double plate double working station screen changers can be used with all kinds of sol, adhesives, finishing materials and other admixtures production line supporting material for blending filter, the filter can be replaced without stopping the machine through the screen changer for recycling processes.
Plate (Column) Quick Screen ​​Changer
ZB-SSP Plate Or Column Quick Screen ​​Changer Main Components:
1, the main structural member
2, hydraulic pump station
3, the control cabinet
Plate Or Column Quick Screen ​​Changer With The Main Technical Parameters Model:
ZB-SSP for the three products -- Specification Code
Hydraulic outbound traffic: 6 ~ 16L / min
Working oil pressure: 10 ~ 20MPa
Fuel tank capacity: 50L
Filter element design pressure: 30MPa (special 60MPa)
Pump motor power: 2.2 ~ 7.5kw
Temperature range: 0-400 ℃
Material Pressure Control Range: 0-40MPa

The MainFault And Reason:

Fault  cause of issue Method of exclusion
Drain more than expected Bolts or front changer, rear flange bolts loose Locking
Set for network pressure is too high Down
Filter blocks not move Installation unreasonable use sliding clearance changes Contact the manufacturer
Strainer or filter tank debris stuck exposed net slot Can back exclude otherwise disassemble exclude
Not lubricating the sliding surface bites Open repair
pump without oil  Motor reverse Adjustment
Oil level is too low, the oil is too thick Correct
Mifengbuyan inlet pipe, leak Seal
Large pump noise Into the oil leak Find the leak source
Filter clogging Clean up stolen goods
Regulator malfunction Pollution pressure overflow valve plug, no oil pressure Clean diesel
Valve malfunction Spool valve port blockage or damage Clean or replace

Batte is a screen changer for recycling processes manufacturers in China,We manufacture Manual control screen changers,Single pillar hydraulic screen changer,four-cavity screen changer and belt mesh screen changer for extrude.

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