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Extruder changer changing screen process

Extruder changer changing  screen process can be automatic or manual. But all screen changers need this process.
Extruder changer changing  screen process

Most plastic materials contain impurities which can be easily installed in an extruder with polymer melt flow path screen changer removed. The screen of the changer is the same as extrusion machine Barrel diameter textile network disk. Typically, the layers with different mesh constituting a package group. Finest filter mesh may be a stream of molten smallest solid particles. The more robust outer coarse mesh can prevent prematurely into larger particles in the inner layer of fine mesh. A melt flow against the force generated by a circular steel disc lined strainer set a tight hole, called fenders, Which are embedded the end of extruder at recess barrel . To replace the extrusion breaker plates for downstream equipment . Need a clean mesh lining replaced the old filter and re-install the production line.

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