Advantages and performance characteristics of the screen changer
    Melt filtration device directly affects the quality and output of extruded products, while melt pressure is the main factor. The maximum advantages of the continuous screen changer are two points, one is that the pressure of the material flow is not chang
    How to improve the cleaning effect of the screen changer
    The cleaning of the screen changer is divided into 3 steps: TEG cleaning, high pressure water gun cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. The extension of TEG cooking time TEG is three glycols, which is a colorless transparent neutral oil liquid. The boiling po
    Advantages of batte automatic screen changer
    Zhengzhou Battes famous manufacturers of net converters have several decades of experience in the development and production of network devices, which are divided into single board, double board, single column, double column and so on to meet the producti
    batte mesh screen changer
    The required or assumed granular form (cylindrical or spherical), expected batch size and operation mode (batch production or continuous production), and the flexibility required for different formulations in materials, colors, fillers, modifiers, additiv
    Extruder automatic screen changer
    Continuous screen changer filter is also called continuous tape type mesh exchanger, it can carry on on-line automatic filter processing of plastic, rubber, chemical fiber, melt glue and so on glue, automatic change filter net, do not stop production line
    Application of Continuous Hydraulic screen changer
    Application of Continuous Hydraulic screen changer Continuous hydraulic mesh screen changer is used for chemical fiber, blowing film, flat film, flowing film production, pipe, plate, wire, fiber manufacturing, granulation line, recovery, etc.. Characteris
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