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Solution for viscous sealing of double plate type mesh screen changer

After putting into use, the viscous seal of the double plunger type mesh screen changer is not effective in actual use, and the leakage of material between the end clearance of the plunger and the mesh changer and the 10-segment cylinder is still a leakag

High performance screen changer advantage

In order to overcome the shortcomings of fast mesh changer, such as stopping to change mesh, small area of non-stopping mesh changer and difficult cleaning of filter element of valve switching mesh changer, Bart mesh changer manufacturer has developed hig

Cleaning mode of screen changer

Strengthening ultrasonic cleaning is necessary because small molecular impurities are easy to squeeze into the filter element under high pressure and it is difficult to wash them out with high pressure water gun. In order to find out the cleaning time, 1

What are the advantages of using screen changer for plastic production

Why is there a mesh screen changer product and what is the benefit of using the mesh screen changer for plastic production? This is a question that some customers must consult and understand before buying the mesh changer. The main function of the screen

Application scope of four nets continuous loop screen changer

Zhengzhou batte four network continuous loop screen changer consists of main body and four separate filter blocks. The filter block circulates unidirectionally, and the material pressure, material flow and material temperature are more smoothly transited

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