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extrusion t die

batte offers plastic film abrasives, sheet abrasives, sheet abrasives, various single and multi-layer coextrusion flat die, 2-5 layer dispensers, various manual and automatic hydraulic screen changers, melt metering pumps product. Production of hollow lat

PET sheet die

The company PET sheet die products nano-balloon reflective layer is a new environmentally friendly insulation materials, the material is soft, light and easy to install. The material structure of aluminum foil and polyethylene, the special mechanical proc

extrusion sheet die

Extruded sheet die for PP, PE, PS, PVC, EVA and other raw materials, can produce a variety of high transparency sheet and various types of film, the maximum width of up to 2.6 meters die; at the same time supporting all kinds of column screen changer Hydr

How to solve the PVC extrusion mold paste phenomenon

PVC extrusion mold p aste may be the first mold design unreasonable. There may be dead ends runners, PVC plastic long-term accumulation does not flow in this dead end, it is easy to paste. 1. Mold temperature is too high is the reason! 2. Process improper

cast film extrusion die

casting fimcast film extrusion die Continuous stream surface is available at the die lip. Come with push-pull slightly-spaced adjusting screws reacting to resin pressure and metal movement to bend the flexible die lip and vary the die gap. All surfaces ar

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