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Application of screen changer in recycled plastic recovery production

Recycled plastics are usually recycled and granulated. The recycled plastic is broken, cleaned, dehydrated and dried, and then granulated. The granulator unit generally consists of a feeder, feeding device, granulator, mesh changer, granulating die, granu

Continuous screen changer to enhance the efficiency of the production line for film

The operation process is absolutely stable and reliable to realize the filter replacement, blown film production line manufacturing company in several companies installed the ZB-ASB continuous screen changer . The independent control system is used in the

Application of hydraulic screen changer for plastic extrusion equipment

Hello, you said that the screen changer network,our productis suitable for all resin filter use, such as all kinds of plastic sheet, film industry, granulating industry and so on, plus fast hydraulic station, can realize the rapid net change network. Chan

hydraulic automatic mesh screen changer

Single board, double plate, mesh changer, hydraulic exchange net quickly, convenient for production and maintenance. The built in sealing device has better sealing performance and can meet the requirement of high polymer extrusion for any polymer. It can

PP, PET packing belt special screen changer

Packing belt in the packaging industry is very large, Guangdong market has nearly thousands of production lines, basically full use of waste production, more frequent impurities in the net, and all are manual shutdown network, produced a large number of m

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