screen changer for recycling processes applications in plast
    With the rising price of plastic raw materials, extrusion companies to reduce production costs and increase profits, artificially increasing the proportion of recycled material. Add a proportion of some agricultural plastic products recycle
    Function and features of the mesh belt melt filter for chang
    Mesh belt melt filter is the automatic screen changer in the real sense. The use of melt pressure or time control for net movement. The distance and speed of the screen movement can be set freely..
    The characteristics of hydraulic screen changer
    The hydraulic screen changer suitable for a wide range of materials, to ensure no leakage. Hydraulic plate type exchanger changer on extrusion production line has little effect, change the speed of network can be based on customer requireme
    The manual screen changer for rubber extrusion
    The manual screen changer is a low cost filtering scheme rubber extrusion industry, manual screen changer for temporary shutdown for network applications. Sred according to the special requirements of customers design network exchanger manu
    Melt extrusion screen changer for application industry
    The screen changer can be fitted to any new or existing extruder, melt pump, reactor or other extrusion production line.. It can be used to filter any type of polymer, rubber or ceramic melt. The melt filter changer can be used in plastic,
    Batte mechanical:professional screen changer manufacturer
    World professional for screen changer of manufacturers -- Batte Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sales of the exchanger, quick screen changer, automatic screen changer, plate type hydraulic screen changer, mesh belt cont
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