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Automatic Screen Changer Factory

Automatic screen changer factory make the screen changer that molten material through the filtering screen and arranged transversally to the filter body. The impurities contained in the extrudate accumulate on the screen surface, thus resulting in pressure increase upstream of the filter. 
Automatic Screen Changer Factory

Automatic Screen Changer Factory Tell You:
1.The key strength of Gorilla Belt screenchanger lies in its automatic operation. Based on programmable setups, 
2.Replacement interval depends on the level of impurities and dirt contained in the filtered material. 
3.Extrusion screen changers technology and design, only dirt, impurities and plastics sticking onto the filtering screen surface are discarded – a remarkable advantage to be considered as waste disposal costs are elevated.
Batte Machinery Zhengzhou Co,.Ltd. is a professional screen changer for recycling processes manufacturers in China,We manufacture Double plate double working station screen changers,Single pillar hydraulic screen changer,four-cavity screen changer and automatic screen changer with belt filter.. All raw materials and spare parts of products are selected carefully and assembled with skilled experience. Pre-delivery debugging of feeding machine is the quality assurance before they are leaving the factory.

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