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Find Screen Changers For Extrusion Mould

Screen changers for extrusion mould has a detachable filter station, work, two filter stations inside the body via two channels simultaneously melt filter body, when the filter medium impurities accumulated to a certain extent,screen changer for extrusion mould will automatic changer the screen.
Find Screen Changers For Extrusion Mould

Screen Changers For Extrusion Mould Features:
1.Design with quick joints, wiring neat, quick, not messy; hot line pipe concealed wiring,
2.Screen changer for recycling processes replacement, non-stop for the changer work, no leakage of material, material flow is not interrupted, small material pressure fluctuations, the impact on the production of small, good continuity. 
3.The ball-type network block design, does not produce raw materials or aging;
4.Dual-channel design, two-pillar work simultaneously, cross replace network, for network stream without interruption
5.Gentle movement for automatic screen changers for extruder design automatic lead feeding exhaust function, little effect on product quality;
Screen Changers For Extrusion Mould Applications:
1. The granulation production.
2. Pipe production PE, PP, PR, etc. 
3. plate, sheet production.
4. Cast film production.

Screen Changers For Extrusion Mould Configuration:
1, the screen changers body (cylinder, heater), the main shroud, hydraulic station (tubing), automatic electric control box;
2, the screen changers body (cylinder, heater), the main shroud, hydraulic station (tubing), electric control box;
3, the screen changers body (cylinder, heater), the main shroud, hydraulic station (tubing);
4, the screen changers body (cylinder, heater), hydraulic station (tubing) (United changer standards);
5. screen changers body (cylinder, heater), the main shroud
screen changers body (cylinder, heater).

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