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Continuous Rotary Screen Changers

The continuous rotary screen changers is regulated by a pre-set timer or optional controller.The frequency of screen replacement is vital to achieve the highest degree of cleanliness of polymers.
Continuous Rotary Screen Changers
Continuous Rotary Screen Changers Features:
1.The function of filling material exhaust and pollution discharge guarantee the process of replacing screen continuously.
2.We design and manufacture production of various sizes according to the customers requirement.
3.Well-designed structure makes operation more convenient and better.
Continuous Rotary Screen Changers Performance characteristic:
1.The screen changer for recycling processes works simultaneously: when one net works, the other one replaced.
2.Automatic screen changers for extruder changing time less than 2 seconds.
3.Come with grinding--resistant ,pressure--resistant and high precision filter to ensure  maximized filtering area and optimized filtering results. 
4.Leak-free process.
5.Minimum pressure drop.
6.Improved products quality.
Screen Changer For Extrusion Mould Commissioning:
1.At the requirement of user, sales should send technician to install and commissioning.
2.The die at site of Buyers, expenses of the trip should be borne by Buyers.

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